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Monday, April 17, 2006


I've changed my email address because I'm sick of the spam: no, my love life does not need a boost; no, I am not interested in low cost, high quality stock; no, I am not drowning under the weight of my mortgage (and even if I were, your mixed metaphor would ensure that I do not turn to you, you illiterate spammer, you); and no, my penis does not require enhancement.

Anyway, if you happen to have my old email address, you can write me there--I'll keep checking it for the next week or so--to ask for the new one. Be warned, however, that I will then feel fully licensed to laugh at you, as there are multiple opportunities on this very page to discern what said new email address is.

Yes, I know this makes it possible for the spam problem to recur, but my new email service provides better spam protection than the old one, so I live in hope that my life may henceforth be free from offers of fabulous inheritances from Rwanda. I'm beginning to be mildly stressed that supposed relatives of mine keep keeling over every few weeks or so; I mean, what does this say about my genetic predisposition, right? Then again, I could always appreciate the silver lining, considering how my African relations are evidently single-handedly (or multi-handedly, I guess) solving the world's population problems.

So there. Spam, begone--though I may grow to miss people addressing me as Dolores, or Bianca. Or "Nik, my man".
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