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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

In the meantime, while I was out of the blogosphere…

Sage turned four and I turned thirty-three. My birthday has mysteriously been going on for over a month now, with Husband showering me with a plethora of presents that culminated in an iPod with video last week. Isn’t he just the bestest? Among other things, he also gave me a new worktable and a hardcover edition of Matt Wagner’s Mage: the Hero Defined.

Which is why I’m treating myself to a hardcover edition of the prequel, Mage: the Hero Discovered, from El. He’s selling off some of his old comics trade paperbacks and whatnots; and knowing El, all this stuff is no doubt in prime condition, so if you’re into grafiction, check out his for-sale list here.

Gigi’s got a new site, Beauty Jones, where she waxes euphoric on all things fashion-, fragrance-, and beauty-related. I had the privilege of finally meeting her in person for koffee and kibitzing the last time she was in Manila; and we spent a grand afternoon snickering and trading stories (about which we snickered some more). The woman really is every bit as cool as I always suspected. Gigi, let’s set a date the next time you’re in town, and I will go with you to Tiendesitas and whithersoever thou wouldst journey!

Jeremy also has a new site, a portfolio-cum-store of sorts featuring his terrific artistic work in a variety of media. If you’re looking for an illustrator-type person for whatever reason, check it out—and if not, check it out anyway, if only for the unholy glee of playing with the opening graphic in order to get Jeremy punched in the face by his monitor. Jeremy, man, I’m sorry, but I’m taking out my work stress on you—you are a true friend to make yourself available as an outlet for aggression!

Lastest but mostest, Dean’s first novel, Salamanca, will be launched this Saturday, April 1 at Fully Booked Greenhills at 4 p.m. Despite the somewhat ominous choice of date, this is Not a Hoax! Not a What If! Not an Imaginary Story! My brilliant husband’s magical tale of love, loss, and legend is being published just seven months after it won the grand prize for novel at last year’s Palanca awards. I will be verrry cross with you if you do not attend, so show up! Else face the magnitude of my Dire Ire… I’m responsible for, like, seven words in the whole thing, being its first editor, so when you read the word “abundant”, think of me, haha!
By the way, I tried weeding out the dead links in my links list; but if you, like me, are merely on hiatus and I’ve mistakenly erased you, do let me know and I will reinstate your name posthaste.
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