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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Today is Wonderful Weirdoes Day.

Yay for all of us!

Okay, I'm done with being pissed.
It's tiring, it's boring, it's pointless. And besides, Dean's partner Marc has kindly paid me for some of my copywriting work on their company's behalf, so now I can go and indulge myself with some retail therapy. (Not all for me; I have to start amassing the obligatory pasalubong [presents] for the U.S. trip.)

The payment was also a semi-bribe because the work is really piling on, and I'm hoping to get most of it out of the way before we leave so I don't have to think about it while I'm away. It's pretty unusual to be so busy this time of year in the corporate copywriting trade--usually all the action happens in the first two quarters with annual reports and whatnot, leaving budget-foolish idiots like me pining for projects in the latter half. Instead, I've been pretty much swamped with projects, to the point that my Outlook 'to-do' list is never quite neat and tidy the way I like it, and I never have time anymore for vital activities like PC games. Anyone with sense would start delegating to one of the many talented writers she knows, but nooo...

In the first place, I'm secretly convinced that I'm the only one who can handle my precious clients right, even though logically, I know that's not true; and in the second place, I'm just selfish and want all the money for myself. So really, I have no right to complain since it's actually my fault; and anyway we have a role-playing game tomorrow, and The Game makes everything all right, because it's a chance to forget my real-life concerns and stress out over imaginary ones instead.

Well, you already knew I was fekkin' weird, right?
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