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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Today is Hoodie Hoo Day.

Welcome to the new blog!
Turns out I've been tinkering so much with people's blogs that I've actually managed to teach myself a good bit of HTML and CSS along the way. So I took a couple of online tutorials just to round out my knowledge, and voila! You are now seeing my very first proprietary blog template, hard-coded from the ground up by me own self.

I chose my somewhat ornate, see-rious old template at a time when it seemed everybody else in the blog-o-sphere was using these cheery, candy-colored looks. Now that everyone is all sober and professional-looking in the wake of the Blogger redesign, my old look struck me as kind of boring and stuffy. So I decided to go for elegant minimalism--to celebrate my blog's one year anniversary!

Thanks to Dean, Vin, Lisa, Jo, and Sage for letting me practice on their blogs. Jason will be so proud of me!

Trivia Quiz
What the hell is 'Hoodie Hoo' day, and how is it related to the Winter King mythos?

answer to Monday's question
Although it is the hardest natural substance on Earth, a diamond will burn if heated up enough. At about 763 degrees Celsius (That's 1405 degrees Fahrenheit), a diamond will combust and simply vanish, not even leaving a residue of ash. Only a little carbon dioxide will have been released. Diamonds are also surprisingly brittle; if you hit one hard with a hammer, it will shatter.

A diamond is 58 times harder than the next hardest mineral on earth, corundum, from which rubies and sapphires are formed. Synthetic diamonds--made from lithium, bone oil, and paraffin heated red hot in iron tubes--have the same properties as natural diamonds, but are considered inferior in value.

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