Contradiction in Terms
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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Today is BE A DORK Day.

Of course, some people don't need a reason.

more pre-employment
I'd forgotten just how many times you're obliged to write down your damned name and address when entering a new company. Today I had to fill out about three different HRD forms, two insurance forms, four bank forms, and assorted other documents whose purpose completely escaped me. All I could think of by then was 'Georgina Veronica Go Alfar, Georgina Veronica Go Alfar', so I may very well have signed my soul over to the devil; which is okay, because I was pretty much prepared to do just that by late afternoon, as long as it meant an end to the cataract of redundant paperwork.

At least I didn't have to go through one of those horrible personality exams, like Kate did. You know the ones I mean-- where they ask you the same question in fourteen different ways just to see if you're consistent. After a while, I just get to that mindset where I answer the multiple choice part on the basis of which letters make a pretty pattern.

Anyway, after the form filing, I hied off to Megamall to meet Dean and kibitz with Vin, stopping off at Mendrez on the way to pick up a pair of killer heels. And by 'killer' I mean both senses of the word, mind you. I was all set to pick up a pair of sensible, comfy office shoes, when I spotted this black suede dominatrix pair on sale. Next thing I knew, the Fashion Thing in the back of my brain had taken control of my bodily functions, and I was headed out of the store with a shoe box full of foolhardy fashion.

I am going to regret those shoes come Monday, but Sage seems perfectly at ease breaking them in for me.

When was the first submarine created?

answer to yesterday's question
Only female mosquitoes actually bite people. (Which lends credence to the theory that females are more dangerous than males...) Beyond that, however, those mosquito chicks are attracted to larger people over smaller ones and dark colors over light ones. But primarily, mosquitoes are attracted by scent-- so people who sweat a lot get bitten more often, as do people who wear the 'right' kind of perfume or have recently eaten the 'right' kind of food.

Surprisingly, though, it isn't exactly the scent of citronella that repels mosquitoes. Instead, it's a component in citronella that irritates the mosquitoes' feet, making them fly away on contact. Which is why citronella candles aren't as helpful as they're supposed to be.

skeeter savants: Rei, Dean, Jonette, Alex, Ariel, Charles, and Gabby. Interesting how many of you identified with this topic!
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