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Wednesday, July 07, 2004


And here I thought that was every day...

career opportunities
I've been pretty content doing freelance copywriting work for a living. Fortunately, Dean is a fabulously responsible husband and daddy, which means that (a) my horrendous inability to budget has never been truly disastrous, (b) we may be a little cash-strapped from time to time, but never to the edge of starvation-- or even the point where we can't afford to buy Sagey toys-- and (c) I'm able to stay at home and spend oodles of time with my daughter.

Today a client of mine called me up with a job offer. It's a full-time nine-to-fiver, so I automatically said no; then she mentioned a salary that made my eyebrows shoot up toward my hairline. It's not like we really need the money, but boy, we sure could use the money... for savings, for Sage's education, for a new airconditioner and the electricity to run it, and heck, for that Nokia 6230 I've had my eye on.

The downside is, I really dislike working in an office environment. Partly it's because I work superhumanly fast and detest sitting around pretending to be busy when I've already accomplished everything I need to do and more. I hate working on other people's schedules. Also, a lot of employers simply cannot wrap their heads around the fact that a lot of writing work involves staring into space and thinking of how to approach a given assignment. And most of all, I revile playing office politics. This is slightly strange because I am by nature a creature of social politics, but some sad little naive part of me keeps wanting to be recognized for merit rather than sucking up.

But is the money worth it? Hell, yes! If the job description isn't too absurd. If the location isn't too astronomically distant. If the management of the company isn't too idiotically reprehensible.

If they decide they really want to hire me! If, if, if. We'll see.

What was the only vegetable-flavored ice cream ever produced?

answer to Monday's question
Naturally, you all know that the 'length' of a light-year is literally a length-- it's a unit of distance, not time: specifically, the distance that light can travel in the course of one year. Since light moves at a velocity of about 300,000 kilometers per second and there are about 31,556,926 seconds in a year, one light-year is equal to about 9,500,000,000,000 kilometers.

light-years ahead: Ariel and Charles. And Pauline wasn't kidding; math really does baffle her! ;)
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