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Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Gee, I hope to be a 'gruntled' worker, too!

Thanks to everyone who posted their congratulations and good wishes regarding the new job. (I just realized that anyone I run into who doesn't know about the job will instantly be exposed as a non-reader of my blog, ha!)

The weird thing is, I went to the office yesterday for the final interview, and today to be introduced to the second-in-command of HRD, who asked me to come in tomorrow to sign papers and all that. As we were talking, the president stuck his head out of his office and asked me if I could join him for half an hour on Thursday to meet with a client after golf. So despite the fact that I don't start work till Monday, I'm already seeing these people practically every day of the week. Which is very very weird because I'm really only used to looking at Dean, Sage, and her nannies on a daily basis. Guess I'd better get used to it.

Also, thanks to all my grrlz who posted their shopping recommendations. Much appreciated, though I did most of my purchasing today at Luscious, a wondrous little hole-in-the-wall at Goldcrest Makati. It is something close to torture trying to find fashionable clothes that fit in Manila if your waist happens to be Medium while your chest is Large; so Luscious is truly a blessing for those of us whose hips have undergone childbirth and whose cup size exceeds A.

So now I have a scrumptious feminine-but-professional wardrobe, not that I think my mostly-techy officemates will actually care. But Sage and I had a grand time putting on a little fashion show for her dad. (I showed off most of the clothes, while she pranced around wearing one of my new tops as a dress.) All I have left to buy are shoes, because I doubt that my fuck-me boots count as de rigeur footwear in the workplace.

Oh, and I had my hair cut, during which procedure I ran into this really hot guy...

Are some people more 'attractive' to mosquitoes than others?

answer to yesterday's question
Haha! The oldest version of the Cinderella story is not the Chinese one where her slippers were made of fur. That one dates back to about 700AD, a good deal later than the Egyptian tale of Rhodopis, which was recorded as early as first century BC. Cosmetic differences aside, Rhodopis is extremely similar to the Cinderella story as we know it, except that in the Egyptian version, she never did get to go to the ball. Instead, a falcon swooped down as she was sulking about being left behind, nabbed one of her slippers, flew to Pharaoh's palace, and dumped the slipper in Pharaoh's lap. Pharaoh immediately realized that this was a sign from the god Horus, and accordingly instituted a kingdom-wide search for the owner of the slipper. The slippers were gilded with rose gold, with leather soles.

nice tries: Dean, Alex, and Charles. But only Nikki knew the real answer, because Nikki is the Fairy Tale Geek Goddess!
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