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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Today is Innergize Day.

So where's the Innergizer Bunny?

interludes in the 'ladies' room
Every now and then--not too frequently, but often enough that you start to notice--you walk into a women's bathroom and find two people of the female persuasion coming out of a stall together.

Now personally, I detest the girly-girl, lemming-like, 'let's-all-go-together' style of female bathroom visits, which smacks of unhealthy dependency to me. But I have allowed myself to be dragged along on occasion, and let me tell you this about women: We'll share lipstick. We'll share hairbrushes. But we do not. Share. Bathroom stalls.

So when you see two women coming out of a stall together, you can only assume that (a) they're fucking good friends, or (b) they're fucking good friends.

Which is really nobody's business but their own, but if you ask me, getting all naughty in a part of the bathroom that is neither shower stall nor bathtub is just icky. Particularly in a public bathroom, of all places. When we tell couples who are all hot-'n'-heavy to "get a room", the comfort room is not really the one we have in mind.

And really, such a sight is far from comforting.
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