Contradiction in Terms
You say to-may-toe; I say toh-mah-tah. Deal with it.
Thursday, March 04, 2004

Today is HUG A G.I. DAY. Do I have to?

the skerries-- or scarys-- of dream
Every now and then, Dean has a really vivid dream that he completely believes in, even some time after waking up. The weirdest example dates back to when he was still living at his parent's house: he woke up from his dream, stormed through the house searching for his little brother, and, having found him, yelled, "Johnny! How dare you take the helicopter to Spain without asking for permission!?" Apparently, in his dream reality, they had a family chopper, which Johnny had taken for an ill-considered joyride.

Other notable scenarios have had him waking up and thrashing our bedsheets in search of the poisonous snake lurking within, waking me up and making me sit on top of the pillows because we had to be in a 'high place' to avoid the demons that were swarming 'below', and chuckling in amusement because his 'silly wife' was afraid of the 'green piggy'. (I've given up trying to understand. Freud would have a field day.)

Today he awoke and informed me that I am no longer permitted to ride vehicles of any sort, because in his dream, I was supposedly driving our supposed car (I don't drive, and we don't have a car.), and I crashed into a gate or something and died. It's sweet that this should discombobulate him so, and that I seem to be so much a part of his dream life; but I can only assume that his dream-Nikki is a version of me that actually lets people tell her what she can or cannot do. Talk about your alternate realities...

in the news today
A 42-year-old motorcycle rider named Liz Book is organizing a protest in which she intends to lead hundreds of half-naked women through the streets of Florida. Scheduled for the last Sunday of the annual Bike Week celebration at Daytona Beach, the half-mile march is part of a campaign to gain 'equal toplessness rights' for women. Such rights have already been upheld in parts of Maine and Vermont; and another group of Florida women (dubbed the 'Topfree 10') are pursuing a federal lawsuit to the same effect. "Exposed breasts (are) part of the biker lifestyle," says Book. "I never want to see another girl handcuffed and crying in the street because she yanked her top."

Actually, I think a lot of men would support her campaign-- but they wouldn't mind seeing the handcuffed-and-topless bit, either!

Who was Izanami, and why did she have so much trouble conceiving children?

answer to yesterday's question
The most accurate translation of the phrase 'Enuma Elish' is "When on high..." It is generally recognized as the oldest myth (and thus, likely the oldest official story) in existence. Among other things, this Bablyonian epic relates how the god Marduk killed his wicked mother Tiamat (the original and literal dragon lady), thereafter forming the earth and heavens from her gigantic remains. Clearly, everyone else pretty much plagiarized the Babylonians afterwards, despite the fact that them Babylonians didn't even know that gardens belong on the ground.

Myth-chief makers: Alex, Ariel, and Kate. And the Smartypants award goes to Vin, for his invention of a sandwich that should really be called the 'Enuma Delish'. See? I can be corny, too!
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