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Monday, September 01, 2003

Dean's pentad at the Pen

My husband and I are going to the Manila Peninsula tonight, where he'll be receiving his fifth Palanca award. (Isn't he terribly talented? And good-looking, to boot!) I used to think these affairs were something like the Oscars, where awardees would be allotted some time to talk about their writing and thank the people who have helped them in some way (especially devoted wives), but no such luck. It's actually kind of like a graduation, where you go up on stage, get your certificate, shake hands with the appropriate people, and sit back down. But the food is generally good, plus I get to watch some of the creme de la creme of Philippine literati being humble (because there's always somebody who has more awards than you do!).

Hopefully, we'll run into fellow Comic Quest hanger-outer (and two-time Palanca veteran and judge) Ruey de Vera, and meet comics buddy Honoel Ibardaloza, who'll be picking up his own Palanca #2. We've never actually met Honoel in person, but possibly some weird psychic connection will allow us to find each other somehow.
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