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Friday, August 29, 2003

Erap was all my fault…

And probably yours too, if, like me, you’re a Filipino who regularly dismisses the whole voting process as a senseless exercise in futility practiced only by the credulous and ill-informed. Given the apparently insurmountable corruption and electoral misconduct that goes on in this country, it’s not an unreasonable assumption.


If only the credulous and ill-informed vote, then the tragic outcome is that we end up with exactly the kind of elected officials that we deserve, given our apathetic lack of involvement. Sure, there’s always the chance that our votes will be invalidated due to ballot-switching, flying voting, or whatever, but do we really have the right to bitch about our government if we don’t even make the minimum effort to improve it in some way?

Because of COMELEC’s new computerized system, both new and old voters need to register at their local municipal or city hall. The window of opportunity is from now to October 31. Bring the following:

A. 1x1 or 2x2 ID Picture

B. age 22 and above (at least 2 of the following):
1. driver's license
2. NBI clearance
3. school ID
4. company ID
5. passport
6. proof of billing (Meralco, MWSS, PLDT etc.)
7. police clearance
8. postal ID

C. Age 18-21:
1. birth certificate
2. Any ID listed in B.

All IDs should indicate present address.

Thanks to my always-intelligent friend Katrina for pointing out the obvious.
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