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Monday, September 12, 2005


I can only assume that y'all killed my virtual fighting fish by overfeeding it, as I haven't seen the poor thing on my monitor in a couple of weeks now. I would not have thought a pixel piscene could perish from obesity, but there ya go, you learn something new every day, yeah?

So I'm replacing the unfortunately deceased Petty the Pet (Oh, the tragedy!) with my new WeatherPixie, which I call a "WeatherNixie" because she sort of looks like me. But of course we can't really call her a nixie because we all know that a nixie is a kind of water sprite, and obviously she's not a water sprite because she's all bipedal and oh, look, here I go obsessing on my folkloric details again and you really don't give a good goddamn, do you?

Anyway, WeatherNixie will tell you all sorts of details you don't really care about--like wind speed, air pressure, and so on--as well as the most important thing you need to know about Manila weather, i.e., what to wear. (Her clothes and background change depending on the local climate.) Sure, you call me shallow now, but when you're wearing boots in the pouring rain and sneering at all the unfortunates caught outdoors in flip-flops, you will thank me and WeatherNixie for saving your toesies from floodwater filth.

Also, I've joined the crusade against spam. Do visit the Spam Poison website and pick up one of their nifty links that help foil those schmucks who insistently offer us ungrammatically-touted larger penises, inheritances from unknown South African relatives, spurious stocks, larcenous loans, and more copious ejaculations. Honestly, I may not have a penis, but I really feel my balls are quite big enough as is.

Though, you know, if they told me the fighting fish had left me an inheritance, I might look into it...
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